TV Marketing Europe Production 1

Consumer Products Development > Mold Making > Manufacturing > Trading incl. OEM-Business

Developing the "next big thing" and manufacturing the first lot 10k straight forward, inherits high risk to end up with unprofitable investments.
From Pareto's 80:20 rule we can estimate that about 80% fail.

We strongly recommended to check first:

  • How are chances to sell in the target consumer market?

  • Is there a potential buyer (company) to order the item?

  • From what quantity shall the total investment pay off - break even?

Project Procedure draft:
1. Idea
Drafts, sketches, variations
Check other patents to avoid patent infringements, apply for own patent
Check brand name, apply for TM / R
2. Market Analysis
TVM Europe and TVM USA
Look for potential buyers
S&D exclusivity required?
3. Drawings
3D Design & Engineering Drawings
Auto CAD, Pro Engineer, Unigraphics
Project time schedule
4. Rapid Prototyping
Working sample(s) to check construction and function
SLA Stereo Lithography,
SLS Selective Laser Sintering etc.
5. Mold making
Double check everything before, as reworking molds gets more expensive
Mold polishing
Define QA/QC check points
6. Instructions & Packaging
Provide Artworks and specs
Setup logistics instructions
Setup QC Instructions
7. Pre-Production & QA
Take control at location
Check compliance with product safety regulations
Involve QC Inspector
8. Mass Production & QC
During production/inline Inspection
Final Inspection
Container loading
9. Shipping arrangement
Shipping Agent, Carrier
Shipping cost
Shipping schedule